Saturday, December 3, 2016


At fast I want to introduce our economic condition. We are enjoying as a developing country.  Our GDP(Gross Domestic Product) is 7.1. It is the measure of country's development. It is enough for every one to understand what's going on near future. According to IMF(International Monetary Found), our economic condition is one of the first growing economic countries. All they are right, we are enjoying our development but one thing remains behind, what abut our education, what is our future, what about our employment ?? It is a great stranger that no one talking about this, everyone talking we are trying, we are doing but how they are trying and how they are doing there is no clear guideline. Our country is going forward,  we are developing without improving our population. Every year our literate person rate increases and our young generation acquire their primary and secondary education with a GPA 5.00. It is our curse that if we asking them any question from their  

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